Leasing & Vacancy

Neema Property Management will send the resident an invoice for any damages their security deposit did not cover. In the event they do not pay, their account will be sent to a 3rd party collection agency. The property owner will be responsible for any unpaid vendor invoices.

To limit the number of days the property is vacant, Neema Property Management will market the property while the tenant is still occupying. The property will not be shown until it is vacant and in rent-ready condition.

Any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be charged to the tenant. An example would be flooring replacement, damage to blinds, cleaning, etc.

To limit the liability of Neema Property Management and the property owner, door locks are re-keyed before the new tenant moves in.

We use a standardized criteria in accordance with Federal Fair Housing standards to approve all applicants. Please see Resident Selection Criteria tab.

Yes, once the applicant is approved and signed their contract, you will be notified of their intent to move in.

The turnover costs will be paid directly by the property owner. Neema Property Management will only conduct business with verified vendors that provide competitive pricing to ensure owners are getting the best price. An estimation of costs will be generated after a full move-out inspection is completed.

No, the security deposit is strictly used for any damages that may have been caused to the property after the move-out inspection.

A complete credit check, rental history and job verification will be completed on each tenant. The approval process can take up to 72 hours depending on the responsiveness of the prospective tenant to provide the required documentation.

Yes, residents are required to carry $100,000 limited liability throughout the duration of their lease agreement.

Yes, unless otherwise noted by the property owner.


After you have signed a Property Management Agreement with Neema Property Management, you will be emailed an access code to register your account. To prevent fraud, you will be emailed an encrypted password that you will be prompted to change.

After all monthly rent has been received, your monthly distributions will be sent via ACH by the 13th of each month less the property management fees, and any repairs needed. (Repair costs are deducted from rent only if there is not a Reserve Fund established.)

It is highly recommended that you fund your property with a minimum of one month’s rent so that Neema Property Management may efficiently manage your day-to-day operations without contacting you for minor repairs.

Yes, a monthly operating statement will be emailed by the 25th of each month.

Neema Property Management has set a R&M limit of $500 per home to ensure the effectiveness of managing the day-to-day operations without disturbing the property owner. Any repairs needed that exceed this threshold will be communicated directly to the property owner.


When you have made the decision to hire Neema Property Management, our goal is to ensure you are worry-free from the day-to-day tasks of managing a property. You will complete our Investor Questionnaire that will provide us with the pertinent information needed to market your property effectively. In addition to that, we schedule a mutually convenient time to meet at the property to discuss any final questions and gain access to the property for leasing.


  • Disconnecting all utility services if applicable
  • Canceling any applicable recurring and contract services (lawn care, common area maintenance, etc.)
  • Notifying residents of the upcoming transition and providing them with new PM information prior to the management termination date
  • Sending a link to a shared folder that will contain property and resident documents
  • Coordinating the handoff of keys
  • Requesting final invoicing for services rendered to date
  • Completing the turnover, if already in progress and enough funds are present in the operating account (unless directed otherwise)
  • Sending the security deposit to the owner for resident move-out processing 

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